Bayer floats 'lighter than water' polyurethane system onto the market

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Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) has launched a polyurethane system for energy-efficient vehicles which it claims can cut the weight of finished components by up to 30%.

Presenting the Bayflex RIM Light Weight system at the Utech2012 show, being held this week in the Netherlands’ city of Maastricht, the material has a density of 0.9 kilogrammes per litre, making it lighter than water, according to Dr Birgit Meyer zu Berstenhorst, who developed it.

“This solution owes its lightweight design to the high-grade Bayflex polyurethane system in tandem with a clever combination of fillers that replace the usual mineral fibres,” said zu Berstenhorst.

BMS said the material can be used to make components with a Class-A surface that are to be finished with a high-grade coating.

“It is processed using tried-and-tested RRIM (Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding) technology,” added zu Berstenhorst.

In addition to car components, Bayflex RIM Light Weight can be used for applications in other forms of mobility such as trucks, buses, trains, aircraft and ships.

BMS said it believed it is also suitable for use in the leisure and furniture sector, the construction industry and the IT segment.