Reformo shreds its output with a £100k of new kit

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Dunstable-based recycler Reformo has secured a £100,000 loan to upgrade its sorting and shredding facility and create jobs.

The firm, which processes hard plastics, such as tubing and wheelie bins, has purchased a new shredding machine that will increase its processing capacity by around 10,000 tonnes each year. The cash has also enabled it to take on three additional staff members.

Reformo founder Stuart McPherson said: “The new shredder has marked the next chapter in our growth, vastly increasing our capacity and allowing us to expand our product offering. This also takes advantage of recent European legislation which enables us to process materials which would previously have ended up in landfill.

“We worked with the local Jobcentre to recruit the new staff and we will be looking to take on more in the coming year, as we have the capability to potentially run 24/7 and the demand for our products is constantly increasing.