Plastic pipe trade group launches in India

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A new group representing the PVC pipe sector was launched conference. The Indian Plastics Pipes Academy is a non-profit organisation that will represent member companies and work to improve the image of the industry.

“The IPPA would strive for increasing the positive image and acceptance of plastic piping systems by promoting the high quality and sustainability levels of these products,” said Rishav Aggarwal, one of the five ad-hoc members, in an exclusive interview with Plastics News during the Vinyl India conference in Mumbai.

“Plastic has been stigmatized in the Indian society by various interest groups and in the past few years plastic is overtly propagated as bad for environment,” he said.

“Double wall corrugated or structured walled pipes are still not widely accepted in India. Government as well major private projects still prefer steel and concrete pipes,” he said.

India’s total annual pipe market is estimated to be around $5.1bn, with plastic accounting for about $2.3bn. PVC pipe is estimated at $1.9bn, polyethylene at $395m and polypropylene at $20m.

There is low acceptance of plastic pipe in India as compared to international markets owing to lack of information, Aggarwal said. IPPA will work to disseminate information to end users regarding technical and commercial benefits of plastic pipe, proper application and installation procedure and environmental benefits.

The group also will develop training programs for plastic pipe system producers, installers and end-users.

The academy will formalize its structure before its next meeting in mid-June.