UK chemicals industry gets thumbs up

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The UK’s chemical industry has come out on top of a European poll which measured the region’s chemical sectors based on reputation, energy efficiency and other factors.

In a reputation index the general population scored the European chemical industry at 56.5, but the UK scored 63.8 – higher than any other country in the survey.

The Europe-wide survey conducted by polling company APCO sought the opinions of 6,000 adults in 10 European countries on 16 discreet dimensions including safe use, environment, plant safety, energy efficiency, competitiveness, emissions, economic impact and waste disposal.

In the survey 'opinion leaders' gave the industry in the UK an even stronger backing with 65.8, against an average across Europe of 58.6.

Four key reputation areas of safety, environment, engagement and innovation/competitiveness were used to assess the performance of the industry.

Steve Elliott, chief executive of the Chemical Industries Association, said he was pleased that the chemical industry in Europe was seen as an increasing force for good and that the UK industry had itself scored well.  

“Whilst there is no room for complacency, these results reflect a great deal of hard work by our member companies and I encourage all employees to continue to highlight the positive contribution they and their companies make to people’s quality of life,” Elliott added.