Pirelli employee found dead in industrial steamer

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Police are investigating after an employee was killed in an industrial accident at the Pirelli tyre plant in Carlisle.

The body of the employee named as George Falder, 48, was found last week inside an industrial steamer, used as part of the tyre making process.

Police say they are currently treating the death as suspicious.

A police spokesman described the death as an "extremely unusual incident". The spokesman added that due to the extremely high temperatures in the machine Falder would have been dead within seconds.

It was also added that a post mortem did not show any evidence that Falder had been assaulted and that a preliminary investigation of the machine had not shown up any problems with the machine.

An HSE spokeswoman commented: “We are aware of the incident. Police are leading the investigation at this stage. At some point in the near future we will know whether we are going to investigate.”

The plant was closed up for a day while the police made their investigation.