Vegware’s PLA wine glass design is a real corker

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Edinburgh-based Vegware has developed a PLA wine glass, which the company says has a carbon footprint 77% lower than PET alternatives.

“Making a compostable wine glass takes more creativity than simply making an ordinary wine glass out of bioplastic,” said Vegware’s sales director, Dominic Marjoram. “A classic wine glass stem is thick and that thickness of bioplastic would not break down quickly enough to be compostable.

“All Vegware is compostable – able to break down in less than 12 weeks in food waste recycling conditions – so it had to be a different yet functional design.”

Vegware’s wine glass comes as a separate top and a base, sold together. The two parts snap together creating a wholly compostable vessel, which is manufactured in conjunction with Biopak in Australia.

Vegware has already won three awards so far in 2012: a BCE Award for Environmental Leadership, a Foodservice Footprint Award and Green Company of the Year 2012.