Extending the extrusion envelope

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New design and configuration options for extrusion lines offer exciting possibilities for greater versatility in extending the reach of the process – for instance in replacing both metals and more expensive composites by co-extruded plastics.

Machine innovations cover all product configurations – pipe, profile and sheet, and variable screw geometry can accommodate a wide range of materials on the same machine platform, from PVC and polyolefins to thermoplastic elastomers and engineering plastics.

On the materials front, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is on the advance as a raw material for technical sheets and foils, and KraussMaffei Berstorff is catering to this trend with a new sheet extrusion system. The company cites excellent optical transparency, and only 11% of the shrinkage observed with current materials used in the same application.

Athlone Extrusions explains the technicalities behind its range of co-extruded multi-layer foil laminates. The acrylic/ABS materials have to meet the highest quality standards for premium furniture applications and take special colour effects well.