Chinese kit challenges on price and performance

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Plastic Machinery Sales (PMS) has sold 12 Chinese-made Borch injection moulding machines since the beginning of June – the largest is 320 tonnes and had an install price of £72,000.

Alec Farrell, the managing director of PMS, said that although there are still concerns about the quality of Chinese engineering there are no issues with regards to Borch. “There’ll always be someone who’ll buy a Porsche over a Mondeo,” he told PRW, but the equipment he sells not only has the performance required by top-line moulders, it also come in at a highly competitive price – offering up to a 40% saving on established brands, according to Farrell.

Delivery lead times are also highly competitive, ha added – between 50 and 75 days depending on the size of the machine.

“Capex is tight and many of our clients are trying to optimise their manufacturing. Buying used machines has been one option in times past but with the lack of quality in the marketplace and power consumption considerations it is extremely challenging,” Farrell explained.

“The quality is comparable to any machines on the market, the range is modern, the power saving technology cutting edge and everything is backed up by our 40 years’ experience and service within the UK markets.

“We do not simply advise on and supply a new machine but will deal with all logistics, will take your older machine in part exchange and ensure that any disruption to your manufacturing is minimised. All of our service engineers are UK based with several hundred years of combined experience,” he added.

“A number of our customers are supplying the burgeoning automotive sector and require extra capacity immediately, so the short lead times to deliver a new guaranteed machine are an added advantage.”

Recent customers include tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers as well as trade moulders.