New features for injection moulding monitor

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Swiss instrumentation specialist Kistler has enhanced its CoMo Injection (CMI) cavity pressure monitoring system to include mould recognition and automatic loading of mould data with a view to making connection and set-up easier and faster during mould changes.

New connectors incorporating mould identity chips are designed to simplify the loading of mould and product datasets. Any connection errors are flagged either on the CMI touchscreen display or a networked PC.

Connection errors are detected quickly, says Kistler, for correction before they can cause problems. Synchronised processing of pressure parameters when monitoring multi-cavity moulds is now significantly easier, according to the company.

CMI output channels for controlling reject gates or removal robots can now be tested via a simple command. This function, geared to network-based data management, is designed to ensure the reliable separation of rejects.

Kistler says that in combination with the CoMo management information system and integral curve viewer module, the CMI system monitors sensor function, mould connection and process control including data storage, analysis and documentation.

A spokesman says: “As a complete system for zero-defect production, CoMo Injection allows users to progress towards 100% quality in injection moulding.