New static elimination bar suits labelling, converting and packaging applications

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Witney-based Meech International has expanded its static electricity control range with three new static elimination bars.

The first in the family, the Hyperion 971, was unveiled at the Labelexpo Americas exhibition in September. It is well suited for use in labelling, packaging and converting applications, says Meech.

Two further bars in the series are set for release over the next few months.

“The decision to update our range of static elimination equipment is a direct result of customer feedback,” explains David Rogers, Meech’s business unit director for static control. Many of our customers deploy our equipment work in dusty environments. When airborne contaminants build up on ionising bars they cause a drop in performance. The bars need to be designed to minimise the effects of the contamination and to help reduce the amount of cleaning required. Meech developed the Hyperion 971 to meet this need.

Featuring the pulsed DC technology already used in the company’s 976 bar, the 971 is claimed to be more resistant to the build-up of contamination which occurs naturally during use, thus reducing the cleaning workload.

As with previous designs, the static emitters can be removed for offline cleaning or can be replaced individually, without the need to substitute the whole bar. However, Rogers adds: “We have also integrated and improved the compressed air boost system, which enables better long-range performance in particularly difficult applications.”

Although providing very powerful ionisation performance, says Meech, the 971 static bar has shockless emitters, making it safe for operators to handle. Available in a choice of lengths up to 4m, the bar operates at up to 15kV potential as standard and provides long-range ionisation typically from distances of 200 to 1000mm.