Solvay shows polyester film for brighter LED displays

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Solvay Speciality Polymers, the US-based division of Belgium's Solvay Group, has introduced a high-performance polyester compound for use in light-emitting diode (LED) flat panel displays.

The company claims the material delivers higher heat and light stability than competing products.

Solvay said it is reacting to the trend among television manufacturers to use fewer LEDs to reduce cost. Most flatscreen televisions use liquid crystal display (LCD) arrays to produce a picture. As LCD displays do not generate light they need to be backlit, either by fluorescent light or, as is increasingly the case, LEDs.

To get more light from fewer LEDs a higher current is fed through the emitters, resulting in junction temperatures in excess of 150oC which in turn triggers thermally-induced aging. To solve the problem Solvay developed its new Lavanta grade, which can operate at high junction temperatures while retaining high reflectivity.

"Our new class of high-performance polyesters are a unique alternative that meets increasingly strict industry requirements including higher heat resistance, greater light stability and longer life," said Solvay Specialty Polymers' Glenn Cupta.