Double dose from Duo’s Plast-Control purchase

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Manchester-based packaging specialist Duo has invested in two gravimetric dosing systems from supplier, Plast-Control. According to the company, the machines will improve the quality of its film output as well as minimising waste and energy consumption.

Managing director, David Brimelow, said: "Very few companies in the UK have these machines, which make use of the latest manufacturing technology. They represent a significant investment for us and a major step in our lean manufacturing programme, which we've been implementing over the past three years.

"The Plast-Control system will give us a vital competitive advantage by allowing us to improve the quality and consistency of our product even further, whilst reducing manufacturing cost and energy consumption."

By weighing the raw materials of polythene as they are dosed directly into extruder, gravimetric dosing virtually eliminates the need for 'pre-mixing', the process traditionally used in polythene manufacturing, and allows blending to be more accurate, according to Plast-Control.