Trelleborg’s bush softens tube ride

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Trelleborg has won a £2m contract to supply suspension components for 63 trains on London Underground’s Jubilee Line.

The original components, which have been in service since 1995, are undergoing a comprehensive overhaul. The replacement parts include primary suspension chevrons made Metalastik, a special low-creep rubber compound. Trelleborg is also supplying the centre pivot bushes, together with auxiliary bogie components.

The chevrons are fitted in pairs at the axle box to provide longitudinal, vertical and lateral flexibility and are designed to absorb high levels of shock and vibration. 

Another major component from Trelleborg is the hourglass bearer springs, which consist of two hemispheres of rubber bonded to top, bottom and central steel plates to provide a rising stiffness characteristic which reduces height variation between empty and fully laden carriage weights.