RPC pays £7m for injection moulder Manuplastics

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RPC has purchased plastic packaging injection moulder Manuplastics for £7m. The company will become part of the RPC Bramlage-Wiko cluster.

“This is an important acquisition, which supports our strategy of continuing to consolidate and grow our core market positions,” said RPC chief executive Ron Marsh. “The company has a strong and experienced management team who will be able to take the business forward, benefiting from the synergies within the group to offer a comprehensive range of value-added packaging to both existing and new customers.”

First incorporated as Prestware in 1933, the current Manuplastics business was established following a management buyout from Cope Allman Plastics in 1976.  The company operates from a purpose-built factory, opened in 2007, in Wimbledon. In its last financial year it reported sales of £7.8m.

Manuplastics specialises in plastic packs for the personal care and food markets. Its principal products including a range of cream jars in sizes from 15 to 500ml for leading brands such as Body Shop, Boots and Alberto Culver, jelly pots for the Hartley’s brand of jelly desserts, and Sweetex containers for Reckitt Benckiser.