Sabic drops the charge on breathing apparatus

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Biomarine, a manufacturer of self-contained breathing apparatus, has replaced polycarbonate mask components with a Lexan EXL copolymer form Sabic.

According to the manufacturer, the LNP Faradex compound offers a range of structural advantages including excellent electrostatic dissipation (ESD) as well as greatly enhanced aesthetics.

“The previous material was frequently brittle, which often led to part breakage, and there were major inconsistencies in the electrostatic dissipation performance,” said Douglas Anderson, vice-president of Biomarine.

“Because of this we were rejecting entire lots, costing us a lot of time, money and resources.

“Sabic’s experts provided a solution to both problems in that the base copolymer in the Faradex compound gave us 25% higher impact resistance than PC alone, and was compounded in such a way as to support superior electrostatic dissipation performance.

"Sabic also provided a wealth of application and engineering resources that were invaluable to the success of this project.”