Whiff wafts from fragrant toilet flooring

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A Coventry University spin-out specialising in particle technology has joined forces with Barkley Plastics and fragrance firm Seven Scent to create a scented floor tile.

Using Exilica’s micro-particle technology, floor tiles manufactured by Barkley Plastics have been loaded with both a fragrance and an anti-bacterial agent. A trial at the university toilets is helping ensure its toilets smell nice and stay clean at all times.

Daniel Lynch, founder and technical director of Exilica and former reader in applied chemistry at Coventry University, said: “It’s always exciting to see a new application for our technology – even when it’s on a toilet floor. The reality is that the process we developed and patented at the university has massive, wide-ranging potential and we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what we can do with it.

“Imagine a car interior which always smells new, or a plastic drinks bottle which replicates the smell of the juice inside. Imagine if you could choose the scent in each room of your house by using long-lasting, fragranced paints or wallpapers. It’s all possible.

“Our work with Barkley Plastics on this latest initiative has been of enormous benefit to both companies and will hopefully help to position the Midlands as a leader in novel applications as we move into 2013.”