Non-ferrous Bühler’s way off for PET contaminants

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Bühler has developed an optical sorting device for waste PET. The automated unit is capable of handling coloured material thanks to the inclusion of high-definition cameras.

According to the company, PET sourced from post-consumer bottles and trays can problematic to separate. However, its Sortex A optical sorter overcomes these issues including the removal of paper waste such as label residue. Unwanted coloured flake and metal contaminate can also be sifted using the equipment.

Faisal Baig, global product manager at Bühler, said: “The Sortex A is the perfect solution for any PET recycler. It incorporates Bühler’s latest product design and technical developments to achieve the highest quality product at the largest possible capacities available to the industry.”

The five-module sorter delivers the optimal capacity for the footprint used, improved lighting technology for its cameras and industry-leading ejectors, he added.