Luxus to speak on ‘green’ automotive plastics

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Plastics recycling and compounding company Luxus and plastics additive manufacturer Milliken have been sponsored by Renault-Nissan to speak at the international VDI ‘Plastics in Automotive Engineering’ conference, 13-14 March, Mannheim, Germany.

Sharing the stage at VDI event will be Terry Burton, technical manager, Luxus, Adam Watson, business development manager, Milliken and Mark Ellis, manager engineer materials design, Renault-Nissan. They will be discussing product trials of Luxus’ new polypropylene compound for auto interiors, Hycolene.

This lightweight material will enable OEMs to significantly lower the weight of the average car, reduce CO2 output, deliver improved fuel economy and help meet EU emissions targets, according to Luxus. Developed to replace standard talc-filled grades for car interior components, it offers reduced filler content – 10%, down from a typical 25%.

“Both Luxus’ technical capabilities and its desire to push the boundaries of polypropylene applications above and beyond that of virgin material by using a high recyclate is a major achievement and one that Renault-Nissan is keen to support,” said Ellis.

Burton added: “For the last ten years our thermoplastic materials have been revolutionising auto interior design worldwide. But it has never before been more important than it is today to develop sustainable materials for car interiors that can deliver a competitive advantage for OEMs in what is a highly sophisticated and rapidly changing market.

“Eco materials can dramatically affect the final product and its impact on the environment, while consumers too are becoming more aware of the eco-friendly handling of materials and are thinking in material cycles. This is why sharing our development of Hycolene at VDI is so important at this time.”