CIA claims that clarity is not within Reach

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The UK’s Chemical Industries Association (CIA) has expressed its disappointment at the European Commission’s (EC) review of the Reach legislation, describing it as lacking clarity and a “minefield”.

“What we need and were promised from Reach is a piece of legislation that would encompass the many and varied pieces of law affecting working with chemicals making it easier for businesses, NGO’s, trade unions, governments and others to understand and work with,” said said Dr Joanne Lloyd, director of chemicals policy at the CIA.

“Some five years after the introduction of Reach we still don’t have that.”  

This five-year review, which was supposed to deal with any anomalies, has fallen far short of providing the necessary clarity, she continued.

“We urgently need the Commission to tackle the regulatory minefield so that we can all be clear on what the law is.

“We will be setting out these concerns in detail to the Environment Directorate General of the European Commission and to UK MEPs.”