Aquapurge launches blow moulding compound

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Aquapurge, the Middlesex-based purging compound developer, has launched a new purging compound for the blow moulding sector.

The firm’s Poly Clear HMEX is described by technical director John Steadman as being “by far the most universal and most effective purging compound that Aquapurge has developed for both continuous and accumulator blow moulding of polyolefins”.

Steadman said that plastic blow-moulded container applications, typically from 0.5l upwards, would see immediate benefits, especially in saving downtime; material cost and colour contamination.

Aquapurge research notes that the majority of blow moulders work on a high volume and small margin basis, he added.

Added to this, increasing ‘Just In Time’ (JIT) requirements place extra demands on their capabilities.

Poly Clear HMEX is therefore intended to insure and protect against any production disruptions that can harm the profitability of each order, Steadman said.

“The accumulator blow moulding process is sensitive to inherent hold-up points in all head designs and, over time, can contribute to black specking and loosened or degraded polymer or masterbatch. 

“At Aquapurge we question the practice of taking a risk with all these factors – and Poly Clear HMEX is our solution,” he added.