Barnsley business builds on rapid response

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Barnsley-based machinery maker CTM has seen profits rise 10% in the past years. Its equipment blends polyurethane for use in the manufacture of a wide range of items, ranging from cricket balls to prosthetic limbs and items for use by the offshore industry.

Managing director Ruth Wootton said: “The applications for polyurethane are so diverse because, through the tweaking of chemistry, the self-same material can finish up soft and spongy or strong and hard like metal.

“Our machines are in operation in all sorts of industries including automotive, building construction, and health technology, and we’re a world-class leader when it comes to equipment dedicated to the offshore market.”

Orders for the equipment, together with maintenance and service contracts, have also meant CTM’s staff numbers have increased – the firm has taken on two apprentices. And the firm is poised to expand further still by partnering with a major Italian manufacturer.

“We’ve grown the firm around providing maintenance, support services and parts for polyurethane equipment and we do a really good job, knowing that rapid response and good service is a priority,” continued Wootton.

“We saw an opportunity to also develop our own bespoke machines, which has paid off.  We’re really proud of what what’s been achieved so far and are excited about the future.”