Prosthetic knee wins Proto Labs award

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Proto Labs has awarded D-Rev’s ReMotion Knee its latest Cool Idea! award. The low-cost prosthetic knee joint was designed for use by disabled people living on less than $4 (£2.60) a day.

“About 10 million above-the-knee amputees live in developing countries and the ReMotion Knee allows them to walk stably on uneven or unpaved terrain typical of the developing world. It also helps them return to work, and remain independent,” said Vinesh Narayan, its San Francisco-based production designer.

“Current low-cost knee joints are mostly single axis joints. They operate similarly to a door hinge, and although they are inexpensive, they are unstable. ReMotion uses a polycentric mechanism, similar to anatomical knees, to provide greater stability.”

As part of the Cool Idea! award, 100 knee joints will be injection moulded and used in field testing to ensure performance as manufacturing transitions from CNC machining to injection moulded parts.

More than 4,600 amputees have been fitted with a ReMotion Knee.