Turn that horse meat into plastic

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A story recently appeared on PRW.com that’s been getting some pretty impressive traffic – ‘Meat the future of bioplastics, Novatein’. The idea of turning meat into plastic has clearly captured the imagination of our readers and also tickled the odd funny bone, too, we assume.

The science behind turning meat products into plastic is well understood and but a core concern has been the availability of raw material… until now, that is.

The on-going horse meat scandal has seen a large amount of meat products being cleared from shop shelves, warehouses and processing plants. The tainted meat – both processed and raw – is presumably destined for incineration, which given the Novatein development seems such a waste.

Surely the time is ripe for the meat-to-plastic industry to take off given that its raw material has never been in such a plentiful supply.

Perhaps the likes of Tesco and Findus will be appearing in the ‘Best Materials Supplier’ category at the next Plastics Industry Awards. New blood’s always welcome in our industry after all…