Hornby on track for a £6m annual loss
10 February 2016

Hornby on track for a £6m annual loss

The company, which launched a business recovery plan last year, said that while UK trading in the run-up to last Christmas had been good, it had seen a “disappointing response” to product promotions in January.  Read more

9 February 2016

The tablet that can see inside its patient

The technique – capsule endoscopy – is intended as a complement to gastroscopy and colonoscopy, allowing medical practitioners to take pictures inside the body without the discomfort of pipes and wires.  Read more

8 February 2016

Itac back in business after fire

Since the incident in April 2015, the adhesives and coatings business has been primarily reliant on fulfilling its orders with the help of third-party manufacturing facilities.  Read more