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So, how's Brexit coming along for you then?
2 December 2016

So, how's Brexit coming along for you then?

For some in business, the prospect of Brexit meant being able to forge trading relationships around the world on a case-by-case basis, and being able to walk away from the political and constitutional meddling of bureaucrats in Brussels.  Read more

25 July 2016

Plastic: the traditional material

Introducing its 'black graduated handmade sunglasses' the retailer says – and I quote: “My sunglasses are completely hand made to create a perfect fit and luxury finish, crafted in rich heritage natural cellulose plastics.”  Read more

30 June 2016

Something to consider about the EU

What about when – as will surely happen – new legislation is put forward by Brussels that impacts the contents of products made by UK-based firms for export to the EU?  Read more

29 January 2016

Bagging a great story

PRW's piece on the Card Factory's ingenious way round the 5p plastics carrier bag charge certainly got what one used to refer to as 'Fleet Street' all in a tizzy.  Read more