Champ Chat

29 January 2016

Bagging a great story

PRW's piece on the Card Factory's ingenious way round the 5p plastics carrier bag charge certainly got what one used to refer to as 'Fleet Street' all in a tizzy.  Read more

2 December 2015

Electric cars: the hard sell

Set against a UK total new cars registered figure of 2.27 million in the first 10 months of this year the number of electric or hybrid cars being registered is small fry – 2.7%.  Read more

24 November 2015

Who's who in the ONS' R&D Top 10?

It should perhaps come as little surprise that with the scale of profits to be made in the industry the pharmaceutical sector has consistently occupied the top spot for the past seven years, with expenditure on R&D last year coming in at a whopping £3.9bn.    Read more

20 November 2015

To tweet or not to tweet

Twitter is now a useful tool for a wide range of news organisations, while businesses have recognised they can get out a message about their activities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.  Read more

12 November 2015

Do you want a skilled workforce or don't you?

Industry types are forever calling for a government and business-led strategy that will produce a skilled workforce which will help take UK companies forward into new markets, or simply enable them to compete effectively with overseas competitors  Read more

9 November 2015

How can UK exports be improved?

The EY Item Club suggests that the trend towards exporting the ‘Bric’ economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China – in recent years needs to change and companies need to have a more balanced portfolio "that combines high growth and high value markets".  Read more

2 November 2015

The Chancellor's policy tightrope

With a spate of surveys painting an increasingly gloomy picture of the UK economy, domestic manufacturers are looking to George Osborne to put in place the right policies for growth. Will he deliver?  Read more

19 October 2015

Are apprenticeships just cheap labour for employers?

Some companies, such as Jaguar Land Rover, operate schemes that are highly credible and offer young people a first and stable step on a career ladder, but Ofsted has concerns regarding the accreditation of  "low-level apprenticeships" such as coffee making.  Read more

13 October 2015

So, have you bought a carrier bag yet?

One lunchtime last week I popped out – bagless, mind – to a book shop which happens to be part of a large chain and tottered back to the office, several books – plus lunch from a sandwich bar – balancing precariously in my hands  Read more

5 October 2015

Plastic bags: a taxing issue

There is clear evidence to suggest that taxing plastic carrier bags cuts the number of bags in circulation. But what if the government decides to extend levies to other plastic packaging products?   Read more

18 September 2015

Getting into high dudgeon about pre-packs

A PRW reader gets in touch, spitting rocks about a company that he’d supplied and which had gone into a pre-pack administration, being bought back immediately – to effectively continue trading albeit under a new name – by the owners of the original, failed business… Read more

3 September 2015

Plastic: you pays your money...

The DIY SOS team’s designer wanted to go retro with the furniture and the homeowner agreed. Nick also went along with this plan, which included a '60s-style plastic chair on makeshift rockers. But he made his personal opposition clear, saying he wouldn’t have in his own home because it was… Read more

25 August 2015

China’s sneezing. Who’ll catch the cold?

China has been the dynamo of global economic performance until recently and now it is slowing. And, according to some, when it slows we could all slow. It used to be this way with the US, but not anymore. It’s China doing the sneezing now.  Read more