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Croda launches anti-fog concentrate for PP food packaging

By Barry Copping
Posted 3 December 2012
Hot fog test after two hours at 60oC: Left: Blank polypropylene; Right: PP plus 3.75% Atmer 737

Demonstrated as effective in both hot and cold fogging applications, Atmer 7373 works by preventing droplet formation on plastic surfaces, with a view to keeping food looking fresher for longer.

The additive is claimed to be effective in most grades of polypropylene, especially homopolymer. It is formulated as a highly loaded (40%) concentrate in pellet form, with a view to ease of handling, especially for masterbatch producers wishing to avoid handling soft and pasty raw materials.”

Hot fog test after two hours at 60oC: Left: Blank polypropylene; Right: PP plus 3.75% Atmer 737

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