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Richard III brought back to life with plastic

By Anthony Clark
Posted 5 February 2013
Richard III - then and now...

The discovery of the long-lost remains of Richard III has caused an international stir. However, its plastic that has brought him back to life.

It’s not every day you get to dig up a city centre car park in search of a long-lost monarch so it’s little wonder that the discovery of the hunchback king has captured so many headlines.

The team behind his disinterment has achieved a truly remarkable breakthrough – we have witnessed history unfold.

But it’s the appeal of coming face-to-face with the last of the Plantagenet that has brought the greatest response, thanks to a facial reconstruction… made from plastic.

Richard III Society member Philippa Langley, the driving force behind the search, said: "It doesn't look like the face of a tyrant. I'm sorry but it doesn't. He's very handsome.

"It's like you could just talk to him, have a conversation with him right now."

After 500 years, the king who sat on the throne of England for a scant two years is back with us and plastic has played an integral part in the process that has brought him back to life.

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