2 September 2016

Linx extends pigmented inks range

The company has added two new variants to its extensive range of pigmented inks, which deliver vivid contrasted codes across a wide variety of substrates, including rubber, plastics and metals.  Read more

19 April 2016

RecoMed hospital scheme widens

The scheme, conducted by the BPF in conjunction with Axion Consulting and funded by VinylPlus, is a collection scheme that helps to recycle clean PVC medical waste.  Read more

8 April 2016

Boddingtons expansion on track

The injection moulder's turnover has trebled from 5m in 2010 to 15m at the beginning of this year. Growth of 7% is forecasted for this year, and management is confident of meeting a 28m turnover target by the end of 2020.  Read more

9 February 2016

The tablet that can see inside its patient

The technique – capsule endoscopy – is intended as a complement to gastroscopy and colonoscopy, allowing medical practitioners to take pictures inside the body without the discomfort of pipes and wires.  Read more