Editorial Comment

17 June 2016

The EU referendum

If the UK does decide to leave the EU, will we find ourselves isolated, politically and economically? Other countries in the region, such as Norway, seem to do OK while not being paid-up members of the Brussels club, so would our exit make us worse or better off?  Read more

31 March 2016

The Big Bang Fair

Anyone doubting the enthusiasm among youngsters for science and engineering should have popped into the Big Bang Fair at the NEC earlier this month.  Read more

11 March 2016

Getting nasty?

Around three-quarters of firms polled by the BPF stated they were in favour of staying put. But that still leaves many of the federation's members who either want the UK to leave the EU or are undecided.  Read more

26 February 2016

Decisions decisions

Do you think you and your business would be better off with us being in or out of the EU? Would the country?  Read more

12 February 2016

What cost workplace safety?

New guidelines require courts to assess the amount of harm caused to an employee, the culpability of the employer and how much the latter makes in a year – presumably in order for a suitably punitive financial penalty to be levied.  Read more

29 January 2016

Sort it out

Ministers aren't expected to influence the price of the waste material but they can address the system which financially rewards those who shunt waste plastics overseas and which muddy the domestic sector's waters.  Read more

18 January 2016

The big European question

The sticking point for many EU leaders is the UK's position on benefits. Similarly, David Cameron wants to limit the movement of labour across the EU, something which also goes against the grain for most other members.  Read more