DuPont teams up for new material partnership

DuPont has agreed a long term strategic partnership with D3O, the Croydon-based impact protection company

DuPont has agreed a long term strategic partnership with D3O, the Croydon-based impact protection company, to co-develop a new versatile plastic material.

The product - D3O powered by DuPont Hytrel - is a new material which will target the industrial, workwear and electronics’ markets.

D3O has unique patented and proprietary technologies used to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible and distinctive orange-coloured materials with high shock absorbing properties that are used in impact protection products.

Recently, the firm has changed the face of protection for soldiers with a new helmet liner system designed to help reduce brain trauma and has introduced significant enhancements for safety in the oil and gas industry, with the introduction of a new flexible, comfortable and protective glove design.

The development agreement with DuPont will further expand the company’s material offering to deliver durable, rate-sensitive, temperature stable thermoplastic materials to its global customer base.

D3O chief executive Stuart Sawyer, said: “We look forward to working closely with DuPont to explore the applications for this innovative and highly versatile new material – D3O powered by DuPont Hytrel will be a tremendous addition in terms of delivering protective performance in the industrial workwear and electronics’ markets.”

“Our partnership with DuPont further expands our material offering and provides another example of the broad range of applications that D3O can deliver improved protection and shock absorption.”

Thomas Oury, global business director for DuPont High Performance Materials, said: “We are delighted to partner with an innovative start-up and use our know-how, expertise and global outreach to make the D3O powered by DuPont Hytrel, a technological and commercial success story.”