URC Film Division completes Atlas machine upgrades

URC Film Division, located near Manila in the Philippines, has completed upgrades to two Atlas CW960AP slitter rewinders.

The decision to upgrade the two machines follows an earlier upgrade at the company's film production plant. The changes meant that the two machines needed to run at maximum capacity to maintain production flow. Atlas Converting Ltd., headquartered in Bedford, UK, and supported by various regional locations, delivered the two machines in 1996 and 2002.

Improvements to the machines included replacement of the original AC drives, upgrades to the winding equipment and the addition of anti-static bars. The machines can now operate at higher speeds and deliver higher-quality products.

Other upgrades included the addition of safety fencing which meets the latest European standards for operator safety.

Atlas technicians also serviced both machines. The slitter rewinders are now covered by an extended service contract to maintain peak operation and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Both machines now feature Atlas Gateway remote access support, which allows engineers to remotely carry out machine diagnostics.

Speaking about the upgrades, Ramon C. Augustines, business unit general manager at URC Film Division said: “We have been exceptionally pleased with the upgrades performed by the Atlas team, the upgraded machines have met all of our expectations. We may look at further performance upgrades in the future.”

Kevin Murphy, upgrades sales manager at Atlas Converting Equipment, added: “These two machines had been in service for a good length of time and in that time the technology has moved forward. Here we have a clear example of how our customers can benefit from upgrading their older machines at a lower cost than replacing them completely and still achieve the required performance.”