RTP Company releases statement concerning proposed Irish plastics plant

Photo by RTP Company The RTP Company plant in Wroclawska, Poland, was opened in 2018

Following on from an news article published in December last year covering growing resident opposition to a new plastics plant in Skibbereen, Ireland, PRW has received a related comment from the plastic compounder planning to build the facility.

In the statement, Danny Miles, RTP Company vice-president and managing director, Europe, said: "We welcomed the decision of Cork County Council to grant planning permission for our project in Skibbereen which gave due consideration to the observations received from local residents. 

"We also welcomed the decision of An Bord Pleanala to affirm the Cork County Council’s original determination to grant planning permission. 

"We are grateful to the Irish Industrial Development Authority and their agent, Connect Ireland, for proposing this site for development and we look forward to expanding our service to both Irish and European medical device manufacturers with our high-end, specialty products once the manufacturing facility is completed in accordance with planning permission."

Despite recent protests, led by the Save our Skibbereen group, the statement suggests that RTP has every intention of going ahead with construction of the new plant.

Residents have been concerned that the new facility will result in increased heavy goods traffic in the area, both during and after construction. Further, residents are worried that the plant will have a negative environmental impact, above and below ground. The area around Skibbereen features a series of parks and nature reserves and is known as an area of natural beauty.

For a full round up of this story, please see the January/February 2019 issue of PRW.