New weld control management software from Telsonic

Photo by Telsonic The TelsoFlex touchscreen interface

Telsonic, the Swiss-based manufacturer of ultrasonic technology, has introduced the new TelsoFlex control software. In the UK, Telsonic is based in Poole, Dorset.

The new software package is suitable for managing various welding processes, including those involving plastics and metal. It can also manage cut-and-seal operations. The system can be paired with Telsonic hardware or incorporated in bespoke automation lines.

TelsoFlex can control a variety of welding process parameters, such as time, energy, power and path. There is also the capability to configure multi-stage amplitude and power profiles. Peripheral equipment, such as safety features, can also be operated via the system.

Quality gates can be set to check welding performance, while the system further includes a statistical evaluation package.

The TelsoFlex system uses a graphic user interface displayed on a 12” touchscreen to control settings and diagnostics. Usefully, the screen can be controlled while wearing gloves. The system supports remote access via PC or ERP systems, while users can be given different levels of control.