Haitian launches new Jupiter III injection moulding machine

Photo by Haitian Haitian Jupiter III injection moulding machine

Haitian has introduced the new Jupiter III injection moulding machine, incorporating a variety of functions and user benefits to enhance machine performance and improve final part quality.

The Jupiter III features a servo-hydraulic drive and two-platen solution in a compact footprint designed to minimise floorspace usage. The servo drive (as standard) is reported to offer an 80% energy reduction over comparable standard hydraulic fixed pump machines.

The clamping unit offers improved precision and faster clamping movements to deliver quiet operation and shorter cycle times. Safety doors have a user-friendly design.

Low-friction linear guides on the injection unit help to reduce energy consumption, while a swivelling injection unit allows easier screw and barrel maintenance.

The new moulding machines will be available with clamping forces of between 4,500 and 40,000kN. This supports production of larger items, including rubbish bins and automotive parts. Parts which require high-quality surface finishes can also be produced.

The Jupiter III machines will be manufactured in an all-new plant located in Ningbo, China. All production processes for two-platen moulders are incorporated into the site, from part machining through to final assembly.