Sabic stops production at Wilton plant

Photo by Sabic Olefin 6 cracker at the Sabic Wilton site

Sabic has shut down LDPE production at its Wilton plant due to ‘unforeseeable circumstances’. The plant is one of four located on Teeside, near Redcar, which include the Wilton Centre, headquarters of Sabic UK.

The company claimed ‘force majeure’ in the announcement, meaning that the production halt was due to events beyond the company’s control.

The plastics producer is working to resolve the issues related to the shutdown. Further details are currently unavailable.

First opened in 1949, the Wilton plant includes a series of key processes, including what is described as the second-largest cracker in Europe. The cracker, or Olefins 6, was built in 1979. Over 2014 - '16 it underwent a major upgrade to support the use of US-sourced shale gas.

The plant now has a reported production capacity of up to 710,000 tonnes of ethylene per annum using variety of feedstocks, including naphtha, propylene and butane. Products include ethylene, propylene and butadiene.