The Savile Row Company introduces new shirt packaging

Photo by The Savile Row Company New outer packaging for The Savile Row Company

The Savile Row Company, a London-based men’s tailor, has commissioned a customer survey to find out if plastic packaging is influencing the purchase decision.

After surveying 1,000 British consumers, the 80-year old company found that 96% of respondents said that eco-friendliness of packaging was important to them.

A further 79% said they were choosing retailers with recyclable packaging over cheaper alternatives.

In response to the survey results, The Savile Row Company has introduced a 100% recyclable packaging solution for mail order deliveries of formal shirts.

This comprises 100% recyclable outer packaging and a compostable inner shirt bag. According to the company, the shirt pins can also be recycled.

The new shirt packaging is made from compostable potato starch, which replaces products made from recycled plastic. The complete mail order packaging solution has also been reviewed, resulting in the removal of any unnecessary material.

Jeffrey Doltis, owner and MD of The Savile Row Company, said: “It is our aim to eradicate single-use plastic across the company, from our offices, our production warehouses, to what our customers receive.”