Coral Products opens new recycler

Photo by Coral Products The opening of the new recycler at Coral Products

Coral Products has opened a new recycling plant at its facility in Haydock, Merseyside.

It is anticipated that the new addition will close the plastics recycling loop.

The recycler has a capacity of one tonne per hour, processing PP, HD and PVC material. This will go on to be used in the production of new products at Coral.

Speaking about the new recycler, Mick Wood, CEO at Coral, said: “It is an exciting time at Coral. Recycling and the environment is high on Coral’s agenda and we are proud to introduce a bespoke recycling unit into our business.

“We are grateful for the support Councillor [Lynn] Clarke has given us and we are confident this recycling unit will help propel our business forward,” he said.